2016 Photo Gallery

Gail Fraser
2016 Bowral Womens Club Singles Champion, Gail Fraser
Ladies 2016 Pairs Winners
2016 Ladies Pairs Championship Winners
Fran Post and Gail Fraser.
2016 Womens Club Triples Winners
(L-R) Nell Casson, Marian Scriven and Sylvia Handley.
Open Fours Winners
2016 Womens Open Fours Winners
(L-R) G. Fraser, F. Post, N. Pope, A. Pryce
Mixed Pairs Winners
2016 Club Mixed Pairs Champions
Gail Fraser and Jim Neely
Consistency Singles Winner
2016 Consistency Singles Finalists
Gail Fraser, Champion and Reta South.
2016 Minor Singles Winner
Shylie Brown.
2016 Championship Winners
2016 Womens Club Championship Winners
(Back row L-R) G. Fraser, F. Post, N. Pope, A. Pryce.
(Front row L-R) S. Handley, M. Scriven, N. Casson, S. Brown.
District Three Bowl Pairs winners
District Three Bowl Pairs Winners
Pam Woods and Alison Pryce.
Lorna Lewis and Sylvia Handley
2016 District Senior Pairs Winners
Lorna Lewis and Sylvia Handley.
Past Presidents Minor Singles
2016 Past President Minor Singles Finalists
Reta South (Winner) and Elaine Jones (Runner Up).
Tulip Fours
2016 Womens Tulip Fours Winners
Nancy Pope, Alison Pryce, Fran Post and Gail Fraser.
Winners of the Meg Bardwell Trophy 2016
Winners of the Meg Bardwell Trophy 2016
Margaret Dawkins, Gail Fraser and Pamela Woods.
2016 Daph Armstrong Trophy Winners
(L-R) Alison Pryce, Jeanette Allen and Nancy Pope.
Winners of the Phil Owers Trophy 2016
Winners of the Phil Owers Trophy 2016
Lorna Lewis, Owen Williams and Pam Christensen.
2016 Rose Hall Trophy Winners
(L-R) Reta South, Pam Wood, Alison Pryce and Ann Crisp (absent from photo).
Bert Swan Trophy Winners 2016
Winners of the Bert Swan Trophy 2016
(L-R) Lorna Lewis, Christie Williams and Ann Crisp.

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